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About Us

Rosetronics Graphic Design & PC Repair is a small family owned and operated company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our love for graphic design stems from our passion to create. It’s like combining art and math class – we get to create something stunning while figuring out the best possible solution to solving the problems. The ability to represent ourselves and our clients through our work is an honorable feeling. Through design we have the ability to make a difference and that’s what we love to do - Design for Change.

At Rosetronics we always strive to match the graphic design to your message and core audience. We want to help you employ unique techniques, fresh looks, and sophisticated designs to supply you with top of the line graphics and design. This means avoiding designs that simply mimic whatever is the latest fad, so your product doesn’t end up looking like everyone else that has tried to be cool by mindlessly jumping on whatever is trendy this month. We have vast experience in creating, developing and outputting various desktop publishing tasks. Our creative services encompass all aspects of graphic design, which include print design, logo design, eb design, and internet design.

We work closely with you and your business to make sure your visions become a reality. Our business is small, so we have the ability to stay focused on your goals, be more effective in meeting your personal needs and have more fun with our clients in their creative ventures. Success is not accidental it is designed!

Our Concept

If you haven't worked with a graphic designer before let me share with you our creative process and work flow, so that you know what to expect and what we will bring to the table. Designing anything from scratch is hard, especially when you’re new to working with a designer. Turning an idea into a product can be a laborious process and the client needs to be involved to help guide the process. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. While working with each client can be different, there are a few basics that are the same across the board.


Listening to your needs is the most important part of the process. Your job as the client is to help us understand exactly what is in your head so we can best serve you. We begin by meeting with you and discussing your business or ideas. We research your competition, look through books, listen to music, browse the web, read articles and begin to develop the seeds that will later grow. Then we gather all the tools needed to succeed and ensure that the best product is delivered.


Next we brainstorm your ideas, and get our creative juices flowing. We receive your feedback early and often because we know that there is nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of a project and hearing there is an issue that could have corrected many steps ago.


This is where the fun begins. We begin to create your new materials! We sketch, design, find photos, insert music, create graphics and present you with rough drafts.


We revise your materials, change photos, and make color changes. We are receptive to criticism, so now is the time for any final thoughts, feel free to speak your mind. If we are developing your website, then you are making revisions to the programmed version of your website, and seeing the changes as we make them.


Here's the moment we have all been waiting for. After we get your final approval we send your materials to production or launch your new website.

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